W L OTL Pts.
1 1 1 3
Pts. W L OTL
5 2 0 1

3:08 @ Scotiabank Place
FSN Pittsburgh, CBC (Canada)

Inside The Game
Thursday’s game between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Boston Bruins was one to forget.  Sadly, its effects will linger for the next week, if not longer, as newly-acquired superstar winger Marian Hossa suffered a sprained MCL in the game.

So, as per the norm, the Penguins will be playing with a glorified AHL roster that, somehow, has found a way to remain among the top of the standings, not only in the Atlantic Division and Eastern Conference, but in the NHL as a whole.

But the Penguins have been stumbling of late, earning an average 5-3-2 record in their previous 10 games.  Thursday’s 5-1 loss capped it off and put the wheels in motion.

After what many players described as a loose atmosphere in recent practices, coach Michel Therrien started yesterday’s with a stern lecture that got his players’ attention.

"We’ve got new players coming in, [injuries]. There’s a lot of distractions," Therrien said to Dave Molinari of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  "But, as a coach, it’s my responsibility to … bring them back on track."

He went on to say that the practice was "the best practice in weeks."

This afternoon, as the Penguins square off against the Ottawa Senators in Ottawa, the goal will be for yesterday’s "best practice in weeks" to translate to the team’s best game in weeks.

Last Saturday these two teams battled one another until just three seconds left in overtime, when the Senators buried the game-winner.  But the big story in that one was the three-goal lead the Penguins blew.

Clearly, the Penguins will be looking for a different outcome today.

Ty Conklin will get the nod between the pipes for the Penguins, while Martin Gerber likely will get the same for the Senators
  GP W L OT Pts Division Conference League
Penguins 65 36 22 7 79 2, Atlantic 4, Eastern 5, NHL
Senators 65 36 23 6 78 2, Northeast 5, Eastern 8, NHL
Team Statistics
  GF GA PP% PK% Home Away L 10 Streak
Penguins 191 178 21.5 80.6 18-10-5 18-12-2 5-3-2 1 loss
Senators 211 195 17.6 81.5 19-12-3 17-11-3 3-5-2 3 losses
Team Leaders
  Stat Penguins   Stat Senators
Goals 36 Malkin Goals 35 Alfreddson
Assists 48 Malkin Assists 50 Spezza
Points 84 Malkin Points 75 Alfredsson
PIMs 112 Ruutu PIMs 146 Neil
Wins 17 Conklin Wins 23 Gerber
Penguins Injury Senators Injury
Hossa, DTD
Whitney, DTD
Scuderi, DTD
Beech, IR
Hall, IR
Crosby, IR
Roberts, IR
Eaton, IR
Sprained MCL
Fractured Finger
Broken Right Wrist
Sports Hernia Surgery
High Ankle Sprain
Broken Leg/Ankle Sprain
Torn ACL
Neil, IR
Bass, IR
Right Knee
Note: Info up-to-date as of 10:30 am, Saturday, March 1, 2008.