Well, my Penguins are on Versus tonight, and once again, I am unable to see the game thanks to your petty bickering with Versus. This dispute has now gone on for months with no end in sight. And please, don’t give me some rigmarole about concern for your customers driving your hard line against them. Where was that similar concern when you just raised your rates? Not with us, that’s for sure.

Just so you know, I have already begun discussions with my local DISH retailer about a possible installation date for their system. As I have told you several times before, I WILL NOT MISS THE STANLEY CUP PLAYOFFS because of your small-minded dispute. And once I leave for Dish, I will never return to DirecTV no matter how many incentives you offer. Why? Because I want to deal with companies that value me, not ones that don’t care one iota about my opinion.

Don’t even bother sending me another one of your canned responses. I am sick of hearing them. The only thing I want to hear from you is that the issue has been resolved. But why am I thinking that you really don’t care?