Following his two-goal effort last night, 26-year-old winger Chris Conner has been returned to the AHL, according to the Penguins’ web site.

Along for the ride is rookie winger Nick Johnson, who played three games in his first stint in the NHL.

Both players fared well filling in as scoring line wingers and their demotions have more to do with numbers than anything else.

It remains to be seen if either player will be recalled for the team’s game Thursday night, as there is no update on Max Talbot’s status and Eric Godard left during the first period last night and did not return.

At this point in the season, salary cap space is at a premium, and sending Conner and Johnson to the AHL could be nothing more than a cap space saving measure.

If one or both of Talbot and Godard remains sidelined, it would seem likely one or both of Conner and Johnson will be recalled in time for Thursday’s game.