Let’s Face It...You missed reading my Let’s Face It lists in my absence. Ok, perhaps not, but I missed writing them, so thanks to FF for making me part of the team again.

Let’s Face It...Sidney Crosby and his hip need some rest. Poor guy is worse than an 80 year old grandpa when it comes to his hip, it’s a good thing I sent him the “gopher” for his birthday!

Let’s Face It...Jordan Staal is a beast, but even beasts get injured. However we have to wonder if he really took it easy on his foot this summer or if he did too many “Nights at the Roxbury” during his recovery time. Ok, fine, it wasn’t ‘really’ his fault…

Let’s Face It...Mark Letestu is making a name for himself, at least among Penguins fans. He’s smart, doesn’t make many mistakes, knows his position, and is a hard worker. He will fill in nicely, okay, maybe not nicely, but will do OK, while Staal recovers….again.

Let’s Face It...I’m beginning to wonder if I should adopt a new ‘second favorite’ team…the Minnesota Wild. After hiring Micheal Therrien recently as a scout, they have a huge connection to the Pens.

Let’s Face It...The Penguins are going to get major network coverage. Period. Get over it “rest of NHL”, they won a cup recently, they have a good team, they have a new arena, are a good hockey market, and they have that one guy who is pretty good, what’s his name…oh yea, Sidney Crosby.

Let’s Face It...Marc-Andre Fleury needs a bounce-back season. Maybe he needed a breather from the back to back Finals runs, or perhaps our defense just hung him out to dry too often. Either way he needs to perform better, no more “vanilla cones”, please!

Let’s Face It...We will all miss The Igloo, but the Consol Energy Center is such a beautiful palace, it’s like when a rock star dumps their longtime ugly girlfriend for a supermodel…nobody asks “why?”.

Let’s Face It...This year is a HUGE step for Kris Letang. With Gonchar gone, he and Alex the Gogo need to figure out this Power Play.

Let’s Face It...The season starts Thursday, prepare yourself for a long ride. Full of excitement, fun, sadness, letdown, surprises, heartbreak, and jubilation! That’s what a full season of the worlds best sport is about!