Let’s Face It...Evgeni Malkin has gotten so much better with English…however his interviews still crack me up, which is a sign to his sense of humor and personality. Gotta love it!

Let’s Face It...Out of respect for others you should not boo or shout during the national anthems. We’re better than that Pittsburgh! If you want to sing, clap or cheer, fine, but nobody thinks you are cool for booing another nations anthem nor shouting to have your voice heard during a quiet moment within it.

Let’s Face It...Marc-Andre Fleury cost the Pens this game. He wasn’t sharp throughout most of it, but held the fort…until all was for nothing as he put on his stripped shirt and handed out soft-serve at the worst moment.

Let’s Face It...While Fleury’s inability to play elite-level rookie-level goaltending ended up losing the game, the offense needs to pot more than 2 goals. Sorry, in this era of the NHL scoring 2 goals a night is not going to win many games.

Let’s Face It...The Pens scored on a powerplay, but reading too much into that would be a mistake. The powerplay still looks bad. I don’t care how much ‘movement’ is going on if the puck doesn’t hit twine. Malkin or Crosby on the point seems a waste, but then again, Letang and GoGo are not making me into believers in that position either.

Let’s Face It...The longer it takes to win that first game in their new arena, the harder it will become.

Let’s Face It...The Pens continue to miss Jordan Staal. I hate to say it again, but it’s true. I truly believe they win the first two games instead of losing with him in the lineup.

Let’s Face It...It’s two games. Nobody thought the Penguins were going 82-0, or 81-1. But I’d have thought they would have taken one of the first two in the new arena to open the season. But it’s still just two games. There is room for improvement, on all fronts, but let’s not jump ship and claim the #1 overall pick in the draft.

Let’s Face It...This was a dirty game. All around. Both teams, all players, and it was nice to see who on the Pens was willing to step up if needed. Though it wasn’t enough in my opinion because…

Let’s Face It...Maxim Lapierre and P.K. Subban need to get theirs this year against the Pens. Lapierre needed to be shown a message after his fake-fight with Talbot, and Subban, while given a message from time to time, needed to be given a bigger one, he is a good player, but one who you have to put down at every opportunity.

Let’s Face It...A 4:00PM start to the game on Monday is stupid. Sorry, but it is. I get that it’s considered a National Holiday, but funnily enough, half of the people I talked to do not have off work that day…it’s not Thanksgiving, it’s Columbus Day! Dumb.