Let’s Face It...You never know what you’re going to get with an early start with the Penguins….Crosby at least looked very ready to play. While he didn’t score, he was flying this afternoon.

Let’s Face It...It wasn’t too much of a surprise that Johnson started the game over Fleury, they can say it was planned all along, but it’s game 3 of the season, and isn’t a back to back, most franchise goalies shouldn’t need a break juuuuuuust yet. Fail. Yet Win.

Let’s Face It...The Penguins looked much better against the Devils than they did in the first two games.

Let’s Face It...Mark Letestu is a nice guy to have in your lineup. No he isn’t going to light it up, won’t rack up the assists, and won’t make those dazzling plays. But he does provide good defensive coverage, nice face-off ability, and will chip in from time to time. Can’t hate that one bit.

Let’s Face It...Having Paul Martin score the empty net goal to seal the win was icing on the cake.

Let’s Face It...Zbynek Michalek better be fine, we brought him in to shore up the defense, and we will need him all season long to do just that.

Let’s Face It...The Pens powerplay struggles still continue. With all the bashing Mike Yeo took the past few years for the ineptitude of the PP, one has to wonder if it’s simply the players on the ice. It’s sad when an opposing team isn’t afraid of going a man down with Crosby, Malkin, and crew stepping onto the ice.

Let’s Face It...Johnson looked really sharp today. He made countless saves to keep the Pens in the game, and his only goal against was a great shot right off the face-off. Can’t ever hurt to have a back-up play like that. Goaltending controversy brewing in the ‘Burgh? I kid, I kid.

Let’s Face It...Getting away from the new arena and out on the road (even for just a game) was really the best thing for the Pens. They can bond as a team, worry about the game and nothing else, and return to Pittsburgh energized and ready to roll.

Let’s Face It...The line combinations are just disgusting as far as forwards are concerned. I’m not sure what can be done, it’s not like we have goal scoring wingers just sitting in our back pocket, but so far I have been very horrified at the offensive power of the lines.

Let’s Face It...The Penguins miss Jordan Staal. Yup, I may just say this in every post until he returns. I honestly, and obviously, believe he allows Sid and Geno more space by requiring the opposing team to be honest with their defense.

Let’s Face It...While this victory was sweet, it was the first of the year, and against a team we couldn’t beat last season, it was also against a team without two great defensemen and short on players. I’ll take it, I’ll relish it, but let’s at least be honest about it at the same time.