Two Pittsburgh Penguins scouts were in Ottawa last night watching the Senators versus New York Islanders game, according to various sports news outlets.

Either the Penguins are looking for Isles’ weaknesses for the next brawl, or they’re doing their homework for a potential trade.

My money is on trade.

Rumors have linked the Penguins to former player Alexei Kovalev, who has been unimpressive all season until a recent surge.

Dejan Kovacevic of PG+ is skeptical about the benefits of bringing Kovalev back to Pittsburgh.

“...count me among those deeply skeptical about his potential impact upon returning to Pittsburgh. And that’s coming from someone who thought he was just about the coolest of the cool.


“Kovalev, for all his tremendous talent, is a one-man show, completely playing to the beat of his own drum. There is no way, shape or form that such a trait fits in with these forechecking, backchecking, cycling Penguins. Everything they do relies on unity.”

Other players linked to the Penguins through the media of late have included former-Penguin Jarkko Ruutu and Chris Phillips of Ottawa and Matt Moulson and PA Parenteau of New York.

For the record, I can’t foresee a situation that allows for a Penguins-Islanders trade following the bad-blood and harsh remarks between organizations of late, and while Ruutu fits the Penguins’ sandpaper mentality, the team’s true need is scoring talent.