Let’s Face It… This game was amazingly fast paced for who was actually on the ice for these two injury plagued teams.

Let’s Face It… Tyler Kennedy has stepped it up in the absence of Sid and Geno.

Let’s Face It… Stretches like this are what build character. These call-ups have a chance to make an impression, show what they can do, and have a direct impact on the season.

Let’s Face It… Staal is a monster…and played like a monster from the 2nd period on. He can’t carry the team on his back the way Sid can, but he sure is fun to watch at times.

Let’s Face It… Michalek isn’t just snake-bit, he has been struck by some kind of super-snake. He has to get one sometime this year. While it’s not his priority, it would be nice to see right now.

Let’s Face It… Mike Rupp has really made an impression on games recently. He may not be ending up with points every night, but his presence is felt on almost every shift.

Let’s Face It… I can’t be the only one who cringes every time a Penguins player goes down awkwardly, gets in a fight, is slashed badly, or gets hit from behind. The way things have gone this year, ya just never know!

Let’s Face It… The Pens will take any win they can get right now. Last night might not have been pretty, but a win is a win.