Let’s Face It...Goligoski was expendable due to the amazing play of Kris Letang this year. Add that to the signings over the summer, and what you have is 1 too many d-men and too few quality wingers. Simple as that. Plus, the Pens have some prospects in the system that figure into their plans, and thus even GoGo knew he was the Pens best bargaining chip.

Let’s Face It...Losing to the Caps is hard on the heart. Losing two in a row to Chicago then the Caps is bad for the soul. Then three straight makes my head steam….But then I remembered that it was basically our AHL team going up against those three high quality teams, and I felt better.

Let’s Face It...The Pens took two of the last three games to overtime…meaning they lost each of the last 3 games by 1 goal. 1 goal people. I’m sorry but that’s pretty impressive for the bunch on the ice in my opinion.

Let’s Face It...James Neal is one big body that will open up ice for Sid when he returns. Be it this year or next…that’s a scenario that hasn’t been put forth for a full season since Crosby entered the league.

Let’s Face It...Tyler Kennedy has stepped up big time. Imagine if he played this way even WITH Sid and Geno in the lineup.

Let’s Face It...Orpik being injured last night is going to be impossible if it’s anything more than a game or two. However, did you expect anything less?

Let’s Face It...We all know the definition of losing. But the Pens aren’t losing so much as they’re not winning. I know what you’re thinking…but if you think about it, it does make sense.

Let’s Face It...Marc-Andre has been spectacular this season. His start was horrid, but man has he kept this team in games since then.