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TSN’s Bob Mckenzie is reportng the Pittsburgh Penguins today acquired Alexei Kovalev from the Ottawa Senators for a conditional 2011 7th round draft pick.

Should the Penguins advance to the second round of the playoffs and Kovalev plays in at least 50 percent of the games, the draft pick becomes a 6th rounder.

Kovalev, 37, has played in 54 games this season, totaling just 27 points (14 goals and 13 assists) and a minus-9 rating.

While Kovalev’s best days clearly are in his past, the sharpshooting winger has an opportunity to resurrect his career, so-to-speak, by returning to the city where he had his most success.

This deal brings back memories of the 2009 trade that brough winger Billy Guerin to the Penguins from the New York Islanders for a conditional draft pick.

At the time, Guerin was in the midst of an average season and was greeted by Penguin fans with mixed emotions. On one hand, a veteran player with an elite past was brought in for a playoff run. On the other hand, the veteran was a shell of his former self.

Kovalev certainly won’t return to the elite form that made him so popular during his first stint in Pittsburgh, but the veteran has an opportunity to do what Guerin did: provide a source of secondary scoring and a veteran presence on a Stanley Cup caliber team.

Update: 1:22

Per Darren Dreger’s Twitter:

“No surprise, Mario Lemieux, given his history with Kovalev is believed to have had significant input into todays trade.”

Update: 1:47

Per Rob Rossi’s Twitter:

“Pens players expect another move before deadline. Shero today said “move or moves” when we talked trade possibilities.”

Not a big Rossi fan, but he has been rather accurate over the last year or two. His failure to list which players and/or provide specific quotes worries me about his Tweet, but interesting none-the-less.

Update: 1:54

Per Pierre LeBrun’s Twitter:

“Pens still looking at picking up a d-man…”