Let’s Face It...Staal needs to step it up. While Sid and Geno are in the lineup he fills his role nicely, but more and more he is showing that he just isn’t the “first line center on many teams in the league” that a lot of people have claimed he would be. He is a good player, no doubt, but his abilities are better suited for his typical role in Pittsburgh when the team is healthy.

Let’s Face It...The Pens need goals. Like more cowbell, more goals are always welcome boys.

Let’s Face It...Kovalev looked better than his first two games. He may not have scored, but he didn’t look “lost” either.

Let’s Face It...Niskanen played a good game against Toronto last night. When he isn’t mis-matched or paired incorrectly he really isn’t the liability some people have made him out to be…I really wouldn’t ask for much more from him.

Let’s Face It...Letang is a minute monster! My god he is logging a lot of ice time. Sure, he is on for more goals against right now…which isn’t surprising by who he is playing against. He is being double shifted many times, switched from left side to right side to left side to right side within the game. And, he is playing without his traditional partner…so forgive me if I cut him some slack…

Let’s Face It...One person I’m only going to cut slack to for another game or so is Neal. He needs to show up and produce…starting by actually HITTING THE NET with his shots. His shots are heavy, wow, but what good is that if he isn’t putting them on target.

Let’s Face It...I miss seeing numbers 87 and 71 on the ice. This has been a tough tough year.