Let’s Face It…

...These things are on my mind. Since I last had things like these on my mind!

Let’s Face It...Letangs game-misconduct versus NJ was a joke. Sure, everyone says it was by the rules…but I have seen many players get their jerseys pulled up and get nothing. Either enforce it or don’t, but come on it’s a dumb rule and it seems to me most officials don’t even bother with it. Still…stupid on him for not having it tied down, so I dunno…whatever “rulebook”.

Let’s Face It...Martin was a monster versus NJ…over 35 minutes played. The whole team really took it upon themselves to put in a solid effort, by not falling asleep, and it showed…too bad they couldn’t pull off the win.

Let’s Face It...Besides not “straight out winning” a game in a month, the Pens still sit in 4th place, and with their wins vs Boston and Buffalo, are a couple points off the Atlantic lead. What an accomplishment that would be, to win the division, with Crosby and Malkin on the shelf.

Let’s Face It...When Cooke missed that empty-netter vs Boston, you had to KNOW they would tie it up. He did all he could there, in my opinion, but in the end, it didn’t hurt….except perhaps his stat column.

Let’s Face It...Our defense this year has been outstanding. Then Martin and Orpik go down…Orpik for extended time. And they still hold teams (most nights) to under 3 goals. I’m sorry, I miss Brooks, but I also have to commend the rest of the players for stepping up. Forwards and defensemen alike. They know they aren’t going to win most games in an all out shootout contest…so their plan is so try and keep the scoring low and win it by one. So far it’s not worked as well as most would hope, I’ll give you that…but it also has earned a good amount of “mercy” points, and with our top guns out, I’ll take it.

Let’s Face It...Ryan Miller just can’t play against Pittsburgh. His stats don’t lie. It’s amazing how the Pens just simply have his number. Yikes.

Let’s Face It...It might have taken Michalek 81 games to score a goal…but that’s not what Ray Shero brought him to Pittsburgh for. He can take another 81 if it means he’ll keep eating shots on goal like they’re little mini fudge cookies.

Let’s Face It...It was nice to see Neal put one in…hopefully he can do that consistently!

Let’s Face It...The Pens powerplay is simply horrid. Not that I really expected it to be amazing…but right now I really can’t stand watching these guys attempt to make sense of the game while on a powerplay.

Let’s Face It...The Pens extending Bylsma for three years isn’t much of anything. Don’t get me wrong, I like it, but it means nothing…except they like him right now and want to show him and the team confidence, right now…but we will also fire you if we really want to without any hesitation…