Let’s Face It…

These things are on my mind. Since I last had things like these on my mind!

Let’s Face It...The time off between games has been torture.

Let’s Face It...Crosby skating is great news. But let’s also keep some perspective people.

Let’s Face It...The Pens won two straight leading into this mini-break.

Let’s Face It...The Pens won two straight leading into this mini-break against two pretty bad teams. Again, perspective people.

Let’s Face It...The Pens are going to need Crosby back to make ANY splashes in the playoffs.

Let’s Face It...The Pens are also going to need Fleury to remain in his present form to have any chance.

Let’s Face It...Orpik, we need you back. While what the defense has been doing thus far without him is commendable, we need his leadership and experience…oh, and free candy.

Let’s Face It...The Pens powerplay is disgusting. Horrible. Awful. And while there was a quote that said something about “feeling they can score whenever they’re on a PP”...the complete opposite is true of most of the fan base who has watched this train wreck all season. And last season. And…

Let’s Face It...On the other side of the coin, the penalty kill has continued to excel. If the Pens can start taking fewer penalties I don’t think they’d complain though.

Let’s Face It...Our trade-deadline type pickups need to pick it up. I like Neal’s game, but he needs to finish some of these chances. Kovy is Kovy, and I don’t think anyone expected a TON from him…but I would think a few goals need to be found by him as well. Sadly, it appears the one who has adjusted the quickest is Matt Niskanen…or at least until he went down with the flu.

Let’s Face It...While the team hasn’t won as many games since the New Year as any one of us would have expected, they’ve also done a pretty good job holding the fort while dealing with the totally unexpected.