Let’s Face It…

These things are on my mind. Since I last had things like these on my mind!

Let’s Face It...Pens need to start doing something with these two on ones…does any other team have this many failed two on ones?

Let’s Face It...The Pens really need to start clearing the front of the net. They were doing great for awhile but are failing triumphantly in recent games.

Let’s Face It...I hate complaining about officiating but the past 4-5 games the Pens are really getting hosed on calls or more specifically, non calls, that lead directly to goals against.

Let’s Face It...At this point perhaps the Pens could petition the league to allow them to bank powerplay chances to simply nullify a call against at a later time. It’s not like they will miss those glorious scoring chances by missing PP time.

Let’s Face It...Kris Letang may never score a goal again. Has he lost all ability to put the puck on the actual net?! I think Michalek has more goals over the past two months, if memory serves.

Let’s Face It...The name Root Sports sucks. It’s a terrible attempt at capturing what people do…root for their teams. Or perhaps I just fear change.

Let’s Face It...Maybe the key to the Pens powerplay is to score with the extra attacker on the delayed call?

Let’s Face It...The Pens would be in a nasty spot if not for Tyler Kennedy and Marc-Andre, I really can’t imagine.

Let’s Face It...Dan Bylsma should be on the top of everyones coach of the year ballot.


Let’s Face It...I’m sorry for not keeping this section up with the games more. Life still is a disaster for our family.