Here is a great article on the science of concussions from one of the doctors that has treated Sidney Crosby.

A couple pertinent quotes:

“When brain cells are in this energy crisis, there’s two things that you do not want to do. Number one is get hit in the head again. Because if you get hit in the head again when this problem starts, a lot less bio-mechanical force is going to cause what some people think is another injury, but which is actually an extension of the first injury.”

Hmmm, sounds exactly like what happened to Sid.

“The coolest thing about my job is that the brain wants to get better from this. If you manage this correctly, the potassium will go back into the cell, the calcium will go back out of the cell and that membrane will go back to normal. The great majority of the time, you can hit the reset button on these athletes, if you make sure, again, that the cows are back in the barn. You have to do the right evaluation to make sure that’s happened.

To me, it’s an injury that can be completely vanished.”

Let’s hope he’s as accurate on the second quote as he seems to be on the first.