Let’s Face It...After the way last season ended, a new season with fresh and healthy players could not come fast enough!

Let’s Face It...After last years insanity it is going to be amazing to actually watch an NHL team full of actual NHL players. For the most part.

Let’s Face It...Last years fill-ins did a dynamite job, very commendable, but I’ll relish seeing Malkin take the ice tonight. Too bad Sid isn’t joining him as well….but soon enough.

Let’s Face It...If Marc-Andre Fleury can play at the level he was playing last year, people may have to stop throwing him under the bus. Not people from Pittsburgh of course, but people.

Let’s Face It...Malkin had one great pre-season….perhaps training and preparing will pay off. Just a hunch.

Let’s Face It...The Pens powerplay is clickin at 100% right now. Won’t be too long before message board goers and callers on the radio start hounding for a change I’m sure.

Let’s Face It...It’s A Great Day For Hockey.