Let’s Face It...Niskanen has looked good at both ends of the ice. Not bad for a “throw-in” and someone Dallas fans couldn’t wait to get rid of.

Let’s Face It...The defense of Martin and Michalek has looked sloppy too much thus far.

Let’s Face It...Watching the Oilers/Pens game was like watching the entire 2nd half of the season last year. Get a goal, try to hang on through the rest of the game.

Let’s Face It...Starting the season with a 3 game west coast road trip isn’t fun for any eastern conference team. Taking 5 of those 6 possible points was a great start.

Let’s Face It...James Neal looks possessed out there. I don’t remember seeing this kind of speed and back-checking in the playoffs. Perhaps my memory deceives me, but I’m fully impressed.

Let’s Face It...Joe Vitale hasn’t looked out of place thus far. Max who?

Let’s Face It...Letestu was not noticeably missing from the Caps game. Right now, he is not a lock on this team, just how it is.

Let’s Face It...Hearing that Crosby has been cleared for contact is a huge deal. But you knew that.

Let’s Face It...The fact that the Pens and Caps acknowledged the tragedy involving the KHL players was a great thing to witness.

Let’s Face It...Having Geno back in the lineup just makes the team look so much better. When Sid is back, the lines will actually resemble the team we all thought we would have this season.

Let’s Face It...It’s a new season, but the powerplay woes are the same. Yikes. Sure, they’ve got a couple, but so far it’s been rather unimpressive.

Let’s Face It...The D misses you Brooks, get well soon!

Let’s Face It...I love Staal as much as the next guy, but if Sids absence has shown me anything it’s that he is just not a top two line center. I appreciate him for what he is…a shutdown center with great PK skills, who can chip in occasionally.