Let’s Face It...Puck management has been horrible for the Pens this year. If I had to point to any one thing that has to improve it’s this.

Let’s Face It...Michalek and Martin have been awful this season thus far. If memory serves this was also an issue last year, but we all chalked it up to a new team, new system…but perhaps they’re just bad season starters. Let’s just hope so. They have looked better the last 2 games, but still have a ways to go.

Let’s Face It...The Letang suspension is a joke. The penalty on the play was enough…

Let’s Face It...We all welcome back Brooks and Dustin….lets get this team healthy!

Let’s Face It...That was a nice little tribute to the 1,000th game by Hal Gill. Thanks for helping us left the Cup.

Let’s Face It...Just gotta love the way Vitale plays. Heart and Soul.

Let’s Face It...James Neal is just a horrible hockey player, right?

Let’s Face It...The Pens penalty killing is something to watch. I almost, almost, enjoy it when the other team gets a powerplay, just so I can watch these guys work.

Let’s Face It...Matt Cooke can play this game, just as effectively as before, only without the stupid stuff mixed in. Here’s to hoping it stays that way…the Penguins are a better team with him.

Let’s Face It...This has been a crazy busy start to the new season for the Pens. They need a break, and we need a break. One’s coming soon….but not for about a week….keep it going boys!