Let’s Face It...Staal hit 100 goals this week. Pretty great for a guy most of fans think can’t score goals. He’ll never be Sid but he has a niche on this team and he handles that niche well. Now, just stay healthy man!

Let’s Face It...We should all wish a happy 900 games to Sullivan. For a guy who has battled injuries and was never supposed to “play” in the NHL, that’s pretty great! He has looked better this week, now he just needs to get one!

Let’s Face It...James Neal has been huge. Period.

Let’s Face It...If you thought the Islanders games would be like last years debacle, you’re an idiot. That was over and done with last year if you ask me or the Pens. Ill-will, sure, but the Pens took care of things on the scoreboard, where it’s supposed to happen.

Let’s Face It...Fleury is killing it right now. His bad start last season is a long-gone memory.

Let’s Face It...Thankfully the Pens came back to take the 2nd game of the home and home with the Islanders. Not just for the 2 points, but because they finally got the “no 3rd period comebacks in a crazy long time” monkey off their back.

Let’s Face It...The penalty killing unit has been absurd…well, with Jordan Staal in the lineup. Dear God what happened to them against Toronto. Oh, and Malkin…“less penalty is good”.

Let’s Face It...The powerplay hasn’t looked “half-bad” as of late. Keep it up boys!

Let’s Face It...I’m sick of, and you’re sick of, all these injuries. I’ve never in my life seen a team riddled with so many injuries to KEY players, constantly. It’s just insane.

In response to a question posed this morning: “What can anyone honestly expect of Sidney Crosby upon his return?

Let’s Face It...All Crosby needs to be when he returns at first, is better than Letestu and Jeffrey. That’ll be a welcomed addition to the team in my book. I don’t expect him to light the league on fire from the start.