Let’s Face It...The Pens had to move a center. Unfortunately at the time Letestu was not playing great, isn’t really fit to be the 4th line center, and ended up expendable. As a fan I will have fond, but limited, memories of his time in Pittsburgh. Good luck Mark.

Let’s Face It...The Dallas game was just a great display of how the Pens can grind a team down at times.

Let’s Face It...The Canes game was just a bad display of how a team can underestimate their opponent and never fully recover. Sure, they looked to be the better team much of the time, because they are…but in my opinion they didn’t have the killer instinct coming into the game and it cost them in the end.

Let’s Face It...Jeff Skinner and Cam Ward had a pretty great game…gotta give credit where it’s due. But Eric Staal still sucks right now.

Let’s Face It...Worst game I’ve seen Johnson play in a Pens uniform in a long while. He did not look solid back there at all. Not 100% his fault, but he didn’t come close to “stealing” this game either.

Let’s Face It...What a game/3rd period Jordan Staal had against the Canes. Good for him.

Let’s Face It...Malkin had about a gagillion chances on Ward, and nothing. Gotta earn your check man! Dancing and fancy moves are just not enough. He’s shown he is healthy, playing all over the ice, physically involved, passionate, and everything except consistent finishing. I’m not keying this saying “Malkin Sucks!”...but he needed to put the team up 4-3, make the Canes say to themselves, “Not again”, and deflate a bottom-feeder team. Instead, he didn’t. Just sayin…

Let’s Face It...When Sid comes back is nothing but speculation. Every fan has done it, experts have done it, we all have. My only real hope is that when he comes back, he plays like Sid and stays healthy. Add in Kennedy and Michalek (despite his relatively poor play to start the season), and I think we are easily the team to beat in this league. Without them we’re the team to beat in this league most nights…with them, well, that’s just scary and exciting to me.