Let’s Face It...The two games in Florida were just gut-wrenching. Eww, ewww, eww.

Let’s Face It...I can’t be the only one who just doesn’t have the same confidence in Johnson as last year. Whether the same can be said of the coaching staff, and had anything to do with MAF getting back-to-back starts Fri-Sat I don’t know…perhaps it was just due to playing in Montreal. Perhaps not.

Let’s Face It...Sidney Crosby is not human…he’s machine.

Let’s Face It...Martin is still lost out there. He just looks like he’s running around without a clue.

Let’s Face It...For as great as the Pens were against the NYI they were that bad against the Blues.

Let’s Face It...Friday against the Sens, The Pens looked like the team that beat the Islanders instead of the team that lost to the Blues.

Let’s Face It...Staal is really having a great year thus far. Malkin looks great, Dupuis and Kunitz are impressing, and Neal has proven his worth. The Pens offense hasn’t looked this dangerous in a long time, and it’s exciting to watch.

Let’s Face It...At one point against the Sens, Bylsma had Crosby, Malkin, and Staal out there….together….on a line. That’s just not fair, but it made me smile.

Let’s Face It...The Martin/Michalek pairing is brutal right now. The M&M pairing need to get it together…especially at their wage!

Let’s Face It...The Staal, Cooke, Kennedy line is just nasty! If Staal can keep contributing this year things could get crazy…but of course, plugging him on a line with Malkin is also just great…like that beautiful pass from Geno and goal by Staal to tie the game Sat. night.

Let’s Face It...The fact that Crosby now has 8 points in 4 games…is well, pretty darn good.

Let’s Face It...It can’t be just me who thought the PP looked better without Crosby? I don’t get it.

Let’s Face It...In Montreal, the hit on Letang was on the bad side of dirty. But so was the non-whistle in OT….so nothing will come it.