This weekend Sidney Crosby responded to comments made by Ottawa’s Nick Foligno, in which Foligno stated that Crosby had spent all summer preaching about headshots only to deliver one of his own when the Penguins played the Senators on Friday night.

There is no comparison here to the hits Crosby was talking about, primarily the blindside hit that rendered him out for 300 plus days, and the instance in front of the net featuring Foligno.

Let’s take some perspective here, Crosby gives a shot at Foligno, which barely connects, after Foligno had run Marc-Andre Fleury no less than 3 times that night.

And the meat and bones of what Crosby said was true, if Deryk Engelland had been handling that situation, it might have ended ugly for Nick Foligno. I would imagine the result would have entailed Foligno picking up his dental faculties from the ice.

This media exchange by Crosby enabled Bryan Murray to respond in the media the following day.

Let’s preface this by saying that the media didn’t ask Murray about the Crosby snippet. It was so much of a non-issue, that the Canadian media didn’t even bring it up. Try and wrap your mind around that.

Instead, at the end of his press conference, Murray initiated the conversation. When it became the clear the media wouldn’t ask the question, Murray went ahead and asked it himself.

Murray hinted that the next time the Senators play the Penguins he’ll be sure to add some toughness into the lineup.

What is this, New York all over again?

This situation can be summed up in one final thought: Bryan Murray cares more about what Sidney Crosby does than what his floundering Senators actually do on the ice.

I’d be more concerned with the fact that my team was embarrassed by the Penguins, but hey, apparently that’s illogical in the world of Bryan Murray.

Letang’s nose creating difficulty with breathing

Kris Letang was on the ice on Monday for practice, but reported that there was some lingering effects of the broken nose he received at the hands of Max Pacioretty on Saturday night.

No word yet on any supplemental discipline from the NHL front office on Max Pacioretty.

Boudreau Out – Hunter In

Washington has finally canned Bruce Boudreau and will bring in Dale Hunter from the London Knights of the OHL.

This move could be bad news for the Penguins, as Boudreau clearly did nothing to address the yearly woes in Washington.

Hunter, however, might have the Capitals reverting back to the offensive system they played when Boudreau first arrived.

London’s style of play in the OHL is attack first, ask questions later. This is the same system that repeatedly failed in the post-season under Boudreau.

We don’t know what Dale Hunter as a coach looks like, but expect accountability, hard work, physicality, and lots of scoring.

That being said, I surmise that the problems in Washington lie in the leadership on the team, primarily the Captain. Until those players who have become regular underachievers step up, the song might remain the same for Hunter as it has for Hanlon and Boudreau.

Pittsburgh on Pittsburgh hate

Finally, be sure to visit the following article courtesy of Grove City: Allied News

This is one of the poorest written anti-hockey articles I’ve ever seen.

And it’s totally not worth analyzing.