Let’s Face It...It just could not last! You didn’t think it could did you? Healthy team for the first time in ages and bam, Letang and Michalek are out and sent to Pittsburgh for evaluations. Engelland leaves Carolina game, Staal takes puck to the face. Demons at work again!

Let’s Face It...The game against NYR was just a horrible defensive effort. Engelland and Martin were garbage, Niskanen was bad, and the team played poorly in their own end.

Let’s Face It...Players have no clue what the rules are anymore. Or the officials don’t. There is no other explanation for the boarding call to Kunitz in the late stages of the NYR game. Or the head-shot Cooke took against Washington. Just wow.

Let’s Face It...The Pens completely stifled the Caps offense. Too bad their own offensive game couldn’t do more with the gazillion shots they had.

Let’s Face It...The Pens are going to miss Letang and Michalek if they’re out for extended periods. And I’m going to pretend Staal is juuuuuust fine.

Let’s Face It...Crosby is a great player. We all know it. But if the Pens are going to keep up with the other great teams he needs to turn these assists into goals. I’m not bashing, but he is going to have to find that scoring touch sooner rather than later. I get it, he was off for a long time, with a very tough injury, and is amassing points nicely…but the Pens are going to need those points to be in the form of goals at some point.

Let’s Face It...Johnson somewhat redeemed himself for his earlier performances with the win against Carolina. He held the fort, made some great saves and is hopefully back on track as one of the better backups in the league (in my opinion).

Let’s Face It...Orpik and Adams were just downright crazy good against Carolina. Hats off to them.

Let’s Face It...Hopefully Jordan Staal is ok.

Let’s Face It...Eye or no eye, visor buddy, visor.