Let’s Face It...The new week of hockey started like the last ended….a garbage penalty call. What is going on!!!

Let’s Face It...Either it was just my eyes playing tricks, or Orpik was a giveaway machine against Boston.

Let’s Face It...Boston is a tough team. Everyone wants to say that the Pens are the team to beat…no, right now it’s Boston.

Let’s Face It...The Pens had two 5-on-3 chances for almost 2 full minutes each time against Boston, and another 5-on-3 against the Flyers. And completely jacked them up. Unacceptable. Finally they got one against the Islanders.

Let’s Face It...The Pens forgot they had a game Thursday…no other reason for their lackluster play to start against the Flyers.

Let’s Face It...Talbot was no big loss this off season.

Let’s Face It...Over the past few games people have started to say, “Niskanen is declining to last years Matt”. I’m sorry, this isn’t true. Has he been as strong as he was to start the year? No. But this is probably due to being matched up as a top 2-3 defensemen. He is a 4-5 guy, but due to injury he’s being forced to match up and play top 2 minutes. For that I’m willing to say he has been just fine, or better. Once (if) the Pens get healthy, and he is back to his role, he will fill his intended role nicely.

Let’s Face It...Geno and Neal looked amazingly intense against the Islanders.

Let’s Face It...Neal. Extension. Get it done.

Let’s Face It...Fleury needs to work on fixing the gapping hole that is his glove hand high.

Let’s Face It...Dupuis is having some season. Still amazed that he was the “throw in” to the Hossa trade.

Let’s Face It...Injuries have been a huge issue over the past few seasons. They have to subside at some point…right? Right?