Dejan Kovacevic does his usual fantastic job today, penning a superb column over at the Trib on the Sidney Crosby situation.

One particular statement he makes concerns me greatly.

It’s preposterous to even type such a thing, but sadly — and stupidly — there are people accusing Crosby of skipping out on playing, both in the public and in the Penguins’ locker room.

You have got to be f’in kidding me! Fans saying such things is to be expected. That’s what fans do. They speculate. They start rumors. They say all kinds of crazy things.

But players? That simply cannot happen. But I trust Dejan and his sourcing—he’s not the type of guy to start unfounded rumors. I have no idea who these players who are questioning Crosby are. But I’ll bet Ray Shero does. And if he does, there is only one solution. Ship every one of them out of town immediately. They are cancers.

How any player can question Sid’s drive and desire just baffles me. That tells me they have no understanding of their captain or their roles. This is a guy who has gone through the wall for his teammates. This is a guy who gives every last ounce of sweat and blood each and every game, unlike some of his teammates. His heart and desire are unquestioned. Well, until now.

And if I’m the GM, I am not going to stand for this type of mindless carping. I am getting rid of this cancer before it metastasizes. And I have no interest in what name or number the players in question wear. I want them gone, and I want them gone now. This is Sid’s team, and I would not stand for anyone who questions his desire polluting my locker room.