Let’s Face It...It was a team effort during the Florida trip. Beautiful to see.

Let’s Face It...Malkin and Neal are just comfy cozy together. And crazy good too.

Let’s Face It...Matt Cooke is finally starting to find the line, and playing his game, but within the rules. Now if he can score some goals.

Let’s Face It...Lovejoy has just not been playing well. Too many goofs, too many weak plays, and it’s no surprise he is sitting with Letang back.

Let’s Face It...Letang is superhuman. He just looks amazing out there.

Let’s Face It...Tangradi just doesn’t appear to be the player the Pens thought they were getting. He has proven nothing (nothing good anyway) in his call ups, and they’ve been long-term call ups at times, with big minute opportunities.

Let’s Face It...The bleeding finally stopped. The team has started winning. Cooler heads have prevailed…mine included.

Let’s Face It...Seeing Malkin playing so well is great. Seeing Malkin playing with so much passion and drive…is just amazing!

Let’s Face It...I can’t be the only one who is just not on board with Martin and Michalek “improving” from the beginning of the year. Ok, perhaps a little bit, but they both still seem poor right now, and slow, and prone to lazy weak plays in their own end. It can’t be just me…it just can’t be.