Let’s Face It...The signing of Vitale to an extension is just 100% win. He’s a great force in his role and watching him battle is like watching a warrior wear his heart on his sleeve.

Let’s Face It...I’ve been hard on Johnson this year, many have, but he redeemed himself against Toronto and Tampa Bay.

Let’s Face It...For as hard and in the zone as the Pens played against Boston, they did the opposite against New Jersey.

Let’s Face It...Having Staal is a HUGE boost. H.U.G.E.

Let’s Face It...Getting that Crosby guy back might help too…maaaaybe.

Let’s Face It...Kennedy being out isn’t a huge loss, as Park has something like a single goal less than him this season, and has shown more in his time on the ice anyways. Sorry TK, perhaps last year was a fluke?

Let’s Face It...Malkin playing in his 400th game against the Jets was such a shocker…I can’t believe it’s been that long. We’ve/they’ve/I’ve come long way since the “LeClair Incident in 2006”. Whew.

Let’s Face It...Splitting up the D against Tampa Bay worked…let’s hope they stick with it and that it keeps working.

Let’s Face It...Malkin is playing the best hockey of his career. I don’t want anyone spouting the “Carolina Series” at me either….and I don’t care that it was the playoffs and this isn’t. Geno has never looked better or more determined.

Let’s Face It...Assuming Crosby comes back this season, no way he takes Kunitz from Malkin’s line. I don’t recall the last time the Pens had a complete line playing on this level (Malkin/Sykora/Malone—not quite). Sure, one or two players (Sid or Geno) would carry a line…but all three are just contributing and it’s a beautiful thing.

Let’s Face It...The Eastern Conference is a tight bunch….yikes!