Yesterday, Pierre LeBrun broke news that the Pittsburgh Penguins are considering an upgrade to Brent Johnson.

It’s no secret Brent Johnson hasn’t been impressive in net for the Pittsburgh Penguins this season. So, earlier this week, when he failed to take the ice for practice and Brad Theissen was recalled, speculation ran rampant.

As it turned out, Johnson was suffering from a virus that kept him off the ice not only for practice, but a game as well.

Johnson is sidelined once again, this time with a mild injury, and Theissen could get the nod tomorrow afternoon, leaving many to wonder if he could be auditioning.

What’s more, Pierre LeBrun yesterday broke news that the Penguins are considering outside options, including Minnesota Wild backup Josh Harding.

Harding, an unrestricted free agent this summer, widely is considered among the best backup goalies in the NHL, though his playing time has been minimal due to a roadblock named Niklas Backstrom. His current salary is $750,000, though he could be in line for a big raise this summer — especially if he finds himself on a team considering him capable of being a platoon goalie or even a full-fledged starter.

What do you think?

How important is it for the Penguins to upgrade their goaltending situation? Do you like Harding a potential upgrade to Johnson, or would you prefer to see the Penguins focus their efforts on upgrading other areas of their roster? Let us know!