Let’s Face It...The Pens extending Neal was huge!

Let’s Face It...The Pens getting Crosby and Letang back is huge.

Let’s Face It...The Pens getting Crosby back is huge.

Let’s Face It...The Pens getting Letang back is huge.

Let’s Face It...I said huge a few too many times there.

Let’s Face It...The fact that the Pens are sitting where they are in the standings is amazing. It’s a testament to just how great Geno and Neal are playing this season…but also, just how much the rest of the team has picked up their game while their Captain sat from above.

Let’s Face It...How good does Dupuis look right now. Yes, he’s missed some glorious chances, but I’ll take that for what he’s been bringing every night.

Let’s Face It...Matt Cooke is having the kind of year people were not sure he would ever be capable of in terms of behavior. All the while having a pretty darn good year “points-wise” as well.

Let’s Face It...The lack of secondary scoring everyone talked about just a few weeks ago really isnt too much of issue right now. Let’s hope that it continues…and that TK starting scoring too…

Let’s Face It...Speaking of Tyler Kennedy. What happened to this guy. I never expected to see him in the “points” race, but he’s been just horrible this year.

Let’s Face It...There is something special about seeing 87 and 71 team up for a goal. It’s a feeling that’s just hard to describe.

Let’s Face It...11 wins in a row is special. Sure. 12 would have been better. And sure, I’d rather have not had the streak ended by the Flyers. But the Pens were going to lose, did it in OT so they got a point, and now remember how bad it tastes to lose. They may now continue slaughtering the league.