Let’s be clear here, the odds remain monumentally stacked against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

But in a span of three days, the Penguins have gone from down and out to alive and well.

The Philadelphia Flyers have to be worried.

On Wednesday, the Penguins turned their game around, focusing more on sound defense and limiting their mistakes. The result was a 10-3 drudging in front of a hostile (and eventually a nonexistent) Philadelphia crowd.

Last night, the Penguins remained committed to defense, which allowed their modest (for this series, anyway) three goals to hold up.

If you weren’t excited after Wednesday’s win, possibly chalking it up to a nervous or even over-confident Flyers team, you should be excited this morning.

In a series that has been defined by terrible goaltending at both ends of the ice, Marc-Andre Fleury appears to have returned, and just in time!

With his 24 saves, many of the spectacular variety, Fleury earned first star of the game, and according to PuckDaddy editor Greg Wyshynski, he was the second star of the night.

“He won them the game, plain and simple,” Philadelphia forward Scott Hartnell said, according to USA Today.

Fleury’s dominance last evening could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Or maybe it’s the emergence of Jordan Staal as the playoff’s leading goal scorer (6), perfectly demonstrating the Penguins’ depth down the middle. It just might be too much for the Flyers.

Then again, the Flyers still hold the advantage with a 3-2 series lead as we enter Game 6 tomorrow afternoon in Philadelphia.

And that’s why the Penguins have to take this one game at a time.

For them, this no longer is a series. It’s a group of one-game playoffs.

“We don’t really (look at) it as a series right now,” Pittsburgh defenseman Kris Letang said, according to PG+. “We see it one game at a time, and it’s a must-win every night. We’re taking it shift-by-shift, period-by-period right now. We’re not looking at the series. We just want to win every period, every game.”

But if we can take anything from these last two games, it’s that the Penguins have regained their confidence, have found their game, and have learned how to stop the Flyers.

Keep it up, and history could be made.