While statistics never tell the whole story, they can certainly help solidify on-ice findings and tell a bit of a background about the team as currently constructed. Let’s talk a walk through the superstats of the Penguins first nine regular season games.

Corsi – On Ice

Corsi is reflective of on-ice shot differential at 5 on 5 play expressed at a rate of 60 minutes. It is player specific to ice time. The calculation is goals + saves + missed shots + blocked shots for – goals + saves + missed shots + blocked shots against. It is generally indicative of how tilted the ice is.

For the Pens, we have some familiar faces at the top of the Corsi list.

I filtered this list to a minimum of 5 games played to get a true statistic.

1. Simon Despres – 7GP – 30.75
2. Matt Niskanen – 5GP – 25.36
3. Evgeni Malkin – 9GP – 23.05
4. Sidney Crosby – 9GP – 18.92
5. Kris Letang – 9GP – 13.71

Bringing up the rear on Corsi are both Brandon Sutter and Matt Cooke. However, this is generally true of Brandon Sutter’s career. His goals against on ice and amount of shots he allows on ice are always among the team best, which we’ll see shortly. His Corsi numbers are generally in the negative.

Penalties Taken / 60 Min Of Play

This is pretty self-explanatory; the amount of penalties a player takes per 60 minutes of play excluding coincidental minors.

1. Simon Despres – 7GP – 3.5
2. Deryk Engelland – 9GP – 1.6
3. Sidney Crosby – 9GP – 1.3
4. Matt Cooke – 9GP – 1.2
5. Brandon Sutter – 9GP – 1.1

Never good to see Sidney Crosby and Brandon Sutter on this list. It’s worth noting that Geno clocks in just behind them at 1.0 even.

Penalties Drawn / 60 Min Of Play

This is the same stat, only calculation how many times a player has drawn a call.

1. Sidney Crosby – 9GP – 2.2
2. Craig Adams – 9GP – 1.6
3. Chris Kunitz – 9GP – 1.5
4. James Neal – 9GP – 1.5
5. Evgeni Malkin / Joe Vitale – 1.4

First of all, kudos to the work done by the 4th line of the Penguins as two players find themselves on this list. Sidney Crosby continues to draw calls on a nightly basis. Eric Tangradi and Matt Cooke are among the forwards that have not drawn a call yet this year.

One Ice Goals Against Per 60 Minutes

Here is the top/bottom five in this category. Let’s start with the highest.

1. Matt Niskanen – 5GP – 3.96
2. James Neal – 9GP – 3.57
3. Tyler Kennedy – 9GP – 2.98
4. Evgeni Malkin – 9GP – 2.88
5. Chris Kunitz – 9GP – 2.52

Here are the top performers in this category:

1. Brandon Sutter – 9GP – .56
2. Brooks Orpik – 9GP – 1.06
3. Matt Cooke – 9GP – 1.20
4. Tanner Glass – 9GP – 1.31
5. Paul Martin – 9GP – 1.38

There are a lot of players in this area that you’d expect to see. But another round of kudos goes to Orpik/Martin, who have exemplified what a shutdown pairing is supposed to be.

Let’s make note that the category of On Ice Goals For / 60 Minutes is completely owned by the Crosby line and Simon Despres. No surprise that Kunitz leads the team at 5.55.

Some other quick tidbits:

Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin lead the team in Shots For / 60 Minutes with 38.9 and 38.3 respectively. Not surprising considering they are the two most dangerous players in the world.

Crosby is also registering 2.20 first assists per game over a 60 minute time frame, and he’s currently averaging 4.40 points per 60 minutes of play as well.

A shocking number for Evgeni Malkin was a total of 34 offensive faceoffs lost up through this point of the season. That is in stark contrast to the 31 defensive zone wins that Sidney Crosby has.