The Pittsburgh Penguins currently sit at 20-8 on the season and in the midst of a 7 game winning streak that has featured victories that have come in a variety of ways.

Let’s take a look at what the statistics tell us about the team as it stands. As always, our disclaimer is that statistics never tell the whole story but they do give us plenty of insight into trends and data for the team.

The Penguins currently own a commanding lead in team Goals For per 60 minutes of play during 5 on 5 hockey at 3.15. The second closest team is the Carolina Hurricanes at 2.87, and then Anaheim at 2.72.

They rank 15th overall in team Goals Against per 60 minutes of play at even strength with 2.27. Chicago leads the NHL at 1.72. From a pure goals against standpoint, Pittsburgh is tied for 17th with three other teams at 49.

I wanted to take a quick look at Fenwick in the National Hockey League. Fenwick comes in two types, Fenwick For, and Fenwick Against. The calculation is shots + shot attempts that missed the net. It gives you a gauge of how much rubber the team is both allowing on net and putting on net. Fenwick is different than Corsi in that it accounts for blocked shots as an art. Shots that are blocked aren’t calculated in this number.

Pittsburgh ranks second in Fenwick For at 919. They’re 20 behind the Ottawa Senators and 19 ahead of the Winnipeg jets.

Pittsburgh is tied for 17th in Fenwick Against at 832. The league leader is Los Angeles at 636.

Here’s a fun ranking for the Penguins, it’s called iFenwick. This statistic is the indivdual Fenwick events caused by a single player. This counts a players missed shots and shots directed at the net per 60 minutes of play at even strength.

Penguins iFenwick:

1. Pascal Dupuis – 16.874
2. Evgeni Malkin – 13.594
3. James Neal – 13.529
4. Tyler Kennedy – 13.398
5. Sidney Crosby – 12.309
6. Brandon Sutter – 10.106
7. Chris Kunitz – 9.551
8. Matt Cooke – 9.296
9. Beau Bennett – 9.118
10. Craig Adams – 8.673

If those statistics lead you to believe that Chris Kunitz has the best shooting percentage on the team, you guessed correctly.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite statistics. These require a minimum of 10 games played and are all even strength based.

On-Ice Team Saves For Per 60 Minutes

1. Sidney Crosby – 33.2
2. Evgeni Malkin – 32.6
3. Pascal Dupuis – 30.8
4. Chris Kunitz – 30.3
5. Simon Despres – 29.9

As you might of guessed, the bottom three in this category is comprised of members of the fourth line. Joe Vitale, Craig Adams, and Tanner Glass all register at the bottom in the low twenties.

On-Ice Team Goals Against Per 60 Minutes

This is a great stat that tracks goals against per even strength ice time expressed at a rate of 60 minutes TOI.

1. Beau Bennett – 1.05
2. Brandon Sutter – 1.73
3. Simon Despres – 1.76
4. Dustin Jeffrey – 1.81
5. Robert Bortuzzo – 1.86
6. Chris Kunitz/Deryk Engelland – 2.21

Moving on to the bottom of the list.

20. James Neal – 3.38
19. Evgeni Malkin – 3.06
18. Sidney Crosby – 3.05
17. Matt Niskanen – 2.99
16. Joe Vitale/Craig Adams – 2.96

For starters, it’s great to see Simon Despres not only among the team leaders in Saves For but also in Goals Against. It’s also comforting to note that Brandon Sutter has 8 goals on the year but hasn’t seemed to miss a beat in his defensive responsibilities. It’s also impressive to consider that Sutter’s line is getting grossly outshot at even strength, yet they also lead in blocks for and goals against.

There are way too many stars in the Goals Against category. Another brief indictment of the Penguins fourth line seeing them among the team worst in this category.

Penalties Taken Per 60 Minutes of Play

1. Simon Despres – 2.0
2. James Neal 1.8
3. Robert Bortuzzo – 1.4
4. Tanner Glass – 1.3
5. Pascal Dupuis – 1.2

20. Kristopher Letang – .1
19. Matt Niskanen – .4
18. Brandon Sutter – .4
17. Beau Bennett – .5
18. Brooks Orpik – .5

Penalties Drawn Per 60 Minutes of Play

1. Craig Adams – 2.1
2. Sidney Crosby – 1.8
3. Evgeni Malkin – 1.8
4. Tyler Kennedy – 1.3
5. Joe Vitale – 1.2

On-Ice Corsi

On ice Corsi is the following equation shown at a rate per 60 minutes of play: (goals + saves + missed shots + blocks). This is indicative of time spent in the offensive zone, a true gauge of how much a team is outshooting its competition.

1. Sidney Crosby – 19.80
2. Chris Kunitz – 17.36
3. Beau Bennett – 16.75
4. Evgeni Malkin – 15.28
5. Kristopher Letang – 14.41
6. Simon Despres – 13.08


The Bottom of the Corsi is made up of members of the third and fourth line.

Here are some fun statistics about Sidney Crosby.

- Crosby leads the NHL in first assists per 60 minutes of play at 2.44. This stat was filtered using 20 games as a minimum amount played.

- Crosby also leads the NHL in points per 60 minutes of play at 4.57, that’s .20 more than second place Eric Staal.

- Crosby leads the NHL as a whole in assists per 60 minutes of play at 3.149. He’s pretty far ahead of the second place Chris Kunitz who comes in at 2.547.

One statistics we’ve yet to talk about this year is goal distribution by shot.

Pascal Dupuis leads the Penguins with 5 goals coming via wrist shot at even strength. Sidney Crosby and James Neal tie with 4 each.

Paul Martin, Matt Niskanen, Chris Kunitz, and Pascal Dupuis lead the Penguins in slap shot goals at even strength with two across the board.

We’ll check back in after the next few games to get some updates on these categories.