There’s a great blog today by Justin Bourne over at The Score called “5 Things Bad Hockey Coaches Do.” Before I started reading, I thought I’d see how many of them apply to Dan Bylsma.

Here are the five, along with my comments.

They let the score dictate their tone and direction

Nope, this isn’t Bylsma at all. Just the opposite, in fact. It’s all about “get to our game,” no matter the score.

They don’t listen

Once again, a definite no. In fact, if player comments are to be believed, he probably listens TOO MUCH to the players, and that’s why they love him.

They wedge rosters into systems that don’t fit

Oh, this is a definite yes. The system is the system. It doesn’t matter if we just brought in Jarome Iginla, Brenden Morrow, and Douglas Murray. The system changes for no player. Just ask Zbynek Michalek and likely Rob Scuderi.

The damning line: “if you’re a coach who doesn’t know multiple systems and can’t coach a few of them decently well, you’re probably already in the “bad coach” category, and aren’t too worried about this concept.” Bylsma has one system and if it doesn’t work, he’s sunk.

They don’t let their assistant’s [sic] coach

I’m not around the team at all, so this one’s hard to judge. But my guess is it doesn’t apply. He seems to delegate roles well.

They think they have to be Ray Lewis

No, this one doesn’t seem to be Dan, either. He doesn’t seem to be an overly emotional guy. He lets the players self-motivate.