The Pittsburgh Penguins have scored 93 goals at even strength through 45 games this season.

Sidney Crosby, the current NHL scoring leader with 65 points, has been on the ice for 43 of those 93 goals scored.

Nearly half of the team’s scoring is flowing through the NHL’s premier player.

In fact, to get even more specific, Crosby has registered a point on approximately 80 percent of every goal scored when he’s on the ice at even strength.

Hold on tight, Pittsburgh. This show is just getting started.

To be frank, it’s about time we find ourselves watching this assault on the league.

Like Lemieux before him, Crosby’s career has been a lot of “what if’s” when it comes to scoring titles and modern day NHL records.

Last season would have been a slam dunk for Crosby as far as the Art Ross trophy for the NHL’s scoring leader is concerned, a renegade puck from Brooks Orpik put a stop to that in the latest of many bizarre injuries Crosby’s had to endure.

It’s almost easy to forget what makes watching this still young forward so amazing when he misses large stretches of time as he has the past few years.

But as his 11 point lead on Patrick Kane grows, so does our cognizance of just how good this young player is.

Crosby’s 1.44 points per game clip this season make’s two and three point nights a thing of regularity. It’s become normal to watch the captain simply assault every team he plays on a nightly basis.

His numbers on the road and at home are eerily identical. His even strength points (42 of his 65) show that he isn’t leeching off of the power play. And if that wasn’t enough, Crosby is getting it done against the toughest competition the NHL has to offer.

Consensus among some guru’s and fans after Tuesday’s game in Vancouver was that Crosby had played 58 minutes of some fairly, dare I say, regular hockey.

But with the Penguins down a goal, it took one swipe of the stick for him to force an overtime period and give the Penguins their first point on a three game road trip.

And just a few minutes later, Crosby torched Canucks goaltender Eddie Lack in the shootout to give them the second of the night.

That’s just what a leader does. It’s what a captain does. It’s just another day at the office for the best player in the league.

With Crosby on pace for his first 100 point season since 2009-10, I can only encourage you to sit back and enjoy this. As fans, the tendency can be to pick apart the negatives. Everyone has a whipping boy. Everyone has line changes they’d make if they were Dan Bylsma. The great thing about hockey is the ebb and flow of the season, just don’t get yourself caught up in the ebb while Crosby is doing what he’s doing now.

This is special. It’s generational.

It’s something you don’t want to look back on and wish you’d paid more attention to.

The best player in the known universe is right under our nose.

Don’t miss a shift.