FF Telestrator: Jokinen's Read Saves The Day

By Jesse Marshall; Oct 31, 12:41 PM

Jussi Jokinen made an adjustment on the fly last night that gave the Penguins the extra goal they needed to win the game. Stop inside and check it out.

Fourth Line Getting It Done

By Jesse Marshall; Oct 30, 12:59 PM

So far this year, the Penguins fourth line have put up some pretty amazing numbers. Can this depth scoring continue?

FF Telestrator: Game 12 vs. Carolina

By Jesse Marshall; Oct 29, 12:47 PM

A little wrinkle in the stretch pass from Chris Kunitz goes a long way, and Jayson Megna plays 200 ft. hockey.

Sunday Stats

By Jesse Marshall; Oct 20, 02:24 PM

Taking a look inside the 7-1 start that has the Pittsburgh Penguins atop the Metropolitan Division.

Pens/Flyers Statistical Preview

By Jesse Marshall; Oct 17, 01:41 PM

It’s a rivalry night in Pittsburgh. Step inside to see how differently these two teams have started the season.

Third Line Magic

By Jesse Marshall; Oct 9, 01:58 PM

Prior to the season, we questioned the depth and identity of the Penguins third line. They’ve come storming out of the gate, lead by a 19 year old surprise on defense.

FF Telestrator: Crosby's Chemistry

By Jesse Marshall; Oct 7, 02:01 PM

Taking a look at what makes the Sidney Crosby line so deadly in the offensive zone.

2013-14 Preseason Roundtable

By Jesse Marshall; Oct 3, 01:47 PM

For the seventh year in a row, we gather together some of the best Pittsburgh has to offer for a preseason meeting of the minds. Your one stop shop for all things Penguins.

Is It Time For A Maatta Tryout?

By Jesse Marshall; Sep 30, 01:52 PM

Where one door closes, another opens.

The Fleury Numbers

By Jesse Marshall; Sep 25, 01:52 PM

Taking a look at some advanced goaltending statistics that tell us more about Marc-Andre Fleury.

What A Difference A Week Makes

By Matt Paul; Sep 24, 08:00 AM

My confidence in the Penguins’ goaltending situation has waned a bit in the last few days.

I’m Not Worried About Fleury…For Now

By Matt Paul; Sep 16, 07:37 AM

Long-time Penguin goalie Marc-Andre Fleury has found himself in a precarious spot. He’s the controversial starting goaltender for a perennial Stanley Cup contender who cannot perform in the playoffs.

Lacing Up: Thin on the Third Line?

By Joshua Neal; Sep 12, 08:36 AM

The Penguins have been a hockey club that prided themselves not only on high-level skill and scoring ability, but the checking lines to back it up – occasionally even chipping in a big goal or two (see: 2009 Stanley Cup Finals). But as the years have passed and the big-name players have earned themselves long-term, big-money contracts, some of those role players and out-of-place third liners find themselves in new cities. What’s left behind? Matt Paul and I will discuss the dearth that has replaced a wealth on the Penguins’ third line in this week’s edition of Lacing Up.

Does Jacques Martin Hold The Key To Playoff Success?

By Jesse Marshall; Sep 4, 01:54 PM

Stop inside to see why we think there might be more than meets the eye to the hire of Jacques Martin to the Penguins coaching staff.

Lacing Up: Martin Joins Penguins Coaching Staff

By Joshua Neal; Aug 12, 07:25 AM

Word came down on Friday that the Penguins had made an addition to their coaching staff as we patiently trudge through the offseason. Jacques Martin is a name that has an undeniable association with hockey and coaching – but for Martin, the odd part is not that Martin will be coaching hockey again, but that it will be in an assistant’s role. It seems that he may be one of the most overqualified people in the NHL today. Martin was a head coach most notably with the Ottawa Senators and more recently, the Montreal Canadiens. So, what’s the angle?

Mario Monday: "What a play... by Mario Lemieux."

By Jesse Marshall; Aug 5, 01:49 PM

Stop inside to take a look at this week’s Lemieux analysis on how size might have been what made Le Magnifique so magnificent.

Mario Monday: Stop The Press!

By Jesse Marshall; Jul 29, 01:43 PM

Take a look inside to re-live one of the most memorable Lemieux moments that you’ve probably never heard of.

Lacing Up: Complying With The Cap

By Matt Paul; Jul 29, 07:38 AM

It’s cap-crunch time for the Pittsburgh Penguins, who need to clear salary to get below the maximum $64.3 million. Joshua Neal and I will discuss possible solutions.

Where Does Bylsma Fit?

By Mike Adams; Jul 24, 01:29 PM

How many bad traits does Dan Bylsma have?

Mario Monday - It's All In The Wrist

By Jesse Marshall; Jul 22, 01:42 PM

Spending our dog days of summer reliving some of Mario’s memorable moments. In this segment we look at the patented Mario wrist shuffle.


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