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My Prediction

Today we start a new feature. I will predict the score of the game prior to the game, just for laughs. You can judge for yourselves how accurate I am. Last night’s prediction: Florida 5, Pens 3, because Johnson was in net.

Even Strength Offense: D

The Pens weren’t nearly as dominant as they were in Tampa the previous game. In fact, the offense was nearly non-existent the first half of the game. They pretty much sleep-walked through it. They did decide to start playing in the last half of the second period. But they kept a team they should blow out around, and the Panthers took advantage. The Pens got a couple dirty goals on rebounds, by Kunitz and Staal (on a beautiful patient play), but, as usual, they made another goalie look like the second coming of Jacques Plante. Of course, when does Theodore NOT look like that against the Pens?

Even Strength Defense: C

Way too many breakdowns again. They left Johnson on an island several times, including the lone even-strength goal. Dupuis was lazy coming back, and Kunitz failed to have his head on a swivel with Campbell behind him. They just let Campbell waltz down the slot and deke Johnson.

Power Play: F

The drought continues. They just cannot seem to set up good scoring chances. Nothing is clicking.

Penalty Kill: F

Another horrendous night on the PK. Both goals came on rebounds, with the second one being especially heinous. They (Orpik and Martin) let Versteeg have about a million whacks at it without touching him, then Weiss got almost as many before finally putting it in. Is there a new rule I missed that you’re allowed to neither tie up sticks nor put a guy on his wallet?

Goaltending: B+

Really, Johnson played very well. He gave them a chance to win. But one last dumb penalty and lazy play in front was too much for him to overcome.

Overall: D

I hope they enjoyed the dads’ trip. It sure didn’t lead to any fruitful results. They came out flat, most likely because they spent too much time on the beach and not enough worrying about the game.

And now, the rest of the story…

Evgeni Malkin: F

Want to read some amazing stats? In his last 12 games in the state of Florida, Malkin has exactly no goals, 7 assists, and is a putrid -9. Me thinks he is spending way too much time doing this
and not nearly enough time thinking about hockey. Last night, he was invisible, well, except when he was losing 12 of 16 draws.

Jordan Staal: A

On this night, he was by far the Pens’ best center. That was one beautiful move to score that goal. Ind of Mario-esque with the patience.

Chris Kunitz: B

He was all over the ice, but gets downgraded for a poor backcheck on the Campbell goal.

Dads’ Trip: F

Next time, make it the moms.


Johnson made an incredible save on Versteeg to keep the game tied in the third period.

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