Awesome rebound performance

My Prediction

I again forgot to make one before the game.

Even Strength Offense: A

They just came out and blew the doors off the Senators. The early Ottawa goal seemed to wake them up, and they spent the rest of the first period making the Sens pay. It was a thing of beauty. First, Sid made a beautiful fake shot/pass to a streaking Kunitz to tie it. Then Kennedy scored from behind the goal line. After a power play goal, the Sens allowed Geno to waltz into the slot and zing one by a stunned Anderson. The Pens never let up after that, registering an amazing 80 shot attempts. As bad as they were the other night, that’s how good they were in this one. Just a thoroughly dominant performance.

Even Strength Defense: C

They were a little lazy on defense, but it was after the game was well in hand.

Power Play: B

They registered a power play goal by Sullivan (well, really Phillips) during the first period barrage. They also had numerous other good looks later in the game.

Penalty Kill: A

They’ve recovered from last weekend’s poor performance in Florida to kill 14 in a row during the homestand. The Sens rarely got a whiff of the net last night.

Goaltending: B

It wasn’t Fleury’s finest performance, but it really didn’t matter. He wasn’t tested all that much. The second goal was a total screen shot, but he did get off his angle somewhat on the final goal. Yes, I’m nitpicking.

Overall: A

They just dominated the game after the Sens scored first. It was a thing of beauty. You got the feeling they could have put up double digits if they really wanted to, but they kind of took their foot off the gas with another game tonight.

And now, the rest of the story…

Sid: A

Gee, only three assists? He continues to impress. A rusty Sid might still be the best player in the game.

Geno: A

He was dazzling.

Jordan Staal: B

He wasn’t quite as dominant as the top two, but he did make a nice move off the boards for a goal. His offensive play has really improved this year.

Tyler Kennedy: A

Too bad he can’t play against the Sens every game. He might win the Art Ross. Three more points against them last night.

Paul Martin: A

He was unnoticeable in his own end (a good thing) and was a +2 on the night.

Striped Buffoonery

Adams got slashed on the hand by Gonchar on a breakaway just as he shot. How that wasn’t a penalty shot is beyond me. I guess the ref just wanted to spare us the agony of watching Craig F’in Adams try to score on a penalty shot.

Icehole of the Game

Gee, can it be anyone other than Nick Foligno? He just kept “accidentally” rolling on Fleury all night. Then he cried like a little baby whenever a Penguin challenged him. I guess Chris Neil has trained him well.

Bibsy’s Creative Language

On follicly challanged goalie Craig Anderson: “He had hair before the game started.”

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