“The Ultimate Revenge”

My Prediction

Montreal 4, Pens 3. Got the score right lol.

Even Strength Offense: A

They had another very strong night at even strength. They peppered Carey Price with lots of rubber. He was brilliant through most of the night, but he just couldn’t hold off the barrage. He did allow six pucks to get behind him, but, once again, Kunitz negated two goals (gotta say, thought both wave-offs were legit, though). Geno opened the scoring with some slick hands in poking home a rebound. Dupuis’ goal was anything but. Just wind up and whack it. Malkin made a great pass to Staal, who made a great move on Price to tie it late. Then Tanger poked home a rebound for the winner.

Even Strength Defense: D

They were in Montreal mode last night. You know what that means. The Pens dominate the game, but every time the Habs come down the ice, they score. I don’t know what it is about that team. But there were once again defensive breakdowns galore. All three goals came from the left wing circle area. The $9 million pair got burned twice. And on the second goal, TK did a very lazy job backchecking. No excuse for that.

Power Play: F


Penalty Kill: A

On a roll once again.

Goaltending: C-

This was one of Fleury’s worst games of the year. Well, what’s new? He usually sucks in Montreal. Two of the three goals were probably stoppable. He went down too quick on the first one, then was slightly off his angle on the second one. He did rally to play better after the first period..

Overall: B+

They gutted out this win when it sure didn’t look like they had much of a shot. But they just kept coming at Price in waves and finally got the tying marker past him late in the third.

And now, the rest of the story…

Sid: C

Probably his “worst” game since he came back. He did have a nice assist early, but most of his passes seemed to go awry.

Geno: A

A goal and an assist as he continues to play inspired hockey. The pass to Staal on the tying goal was brilliant.

Jordan Staal: A

What a sweet move on the tying goal.

Chris Kunitz: D

Hey, change your name to Tomas Holmstrom, and all these wave-offs would be legal.

Montreal Fans: F

They’re called “the most knowledgeable fans in hockey,” but I beg to disagree. They’re nothing but a bunch of cheese-eating surrender monkeys. They whine for a penalty if an opponent dares to go near a Canadien. They boo every single call against their own team. Is it any wonder, then, that the Habs dive more than any team not called Vancouver?

NHL Network: F

Because the picked up the HNIC feed, we were forced to listen to the brutally horrible pair of Bob Cole and Glen Healy. One is senile and the other is quite possibly the dumbest analyst I’ve ever heard. Oh well, at least there is also Cassie Campbell Pascal.

Striped Buffoonery

Prepare for my annual rant. It was the typical Hockey Night in Canada biased officiating. It happens every Saturday in Montreal and Toronto. Opponents of those teams will never get a fair shake on HNIC. The NHL assigns Canadian refs to do the games, and those refs, consciously or not, just tilt the calls in favor of the home teams. Last night was oh so typical. The classic came when Punk Kind Subban mugged Neal after the whistle at one end with no call. Play goes to the other end, where Orpik just pushes at a Hab who flopped like a cheese-eating surrender monkey, and Orpik gets a penalty. You cannot illustrate bias any better than that. You have two waved-off goals which, while legit, could have gone either way. Then, the topper. You have Pacioretty just blatantly target Letang’s head. Broken nose. No call. I guess you have to kill someone in Montreal to draw a penalty.

Icehole of the Game

Would somebody please put Punk Kid out of his misery and end his career? The guy has no respect for fellow players or the game. After every whistle, he feels obliged to get an extra shot in at somebody. I have a feeling if you sliced his foot open like he did to Staal, the refs would look the other way. Go for it.

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