Here are the stats for the top three Penguin forwards in games against Boston, Philly, and the Rangers (a total of five games) this year.

Player G A +/-
Malkin 2 2 -2
Neal 1 2 -3
Staal 1 0 -3
TOTALS 4 4 -8

Kinda hard to win when your top guys don’t produce.

And Fleury since December 1: 6-7, .895 save percentage, 2.45 GAA. Kinda hard to win when your starting goalie has a save percentage under .900.

The Pens’ record against all teams not called the Islanders: 17-18. Okay, it’s actually 17-14-4. But the fact remains that against the real NHL, they have lost more games than they’ve won.