Listen to Brooks Orpik, not Dan Bylsma or Evgeni Malkin. From Dave Molinari’s game story.

First, Geno: We’re not doing anything bad. We’ll keep our heads up. The next game, we’ll play the same and we can win.”

Hmm, you’ve been playing the same way all season. Is it working against the top teams?

Now, Bylsma: “A lot of the opportunities to score goals have to be created just the way we are creating them.”

Hmm, something isn’t designed properly when you are scoring one goal on forty shots every game.

Now, Brooksie (whose play hasn’t been all that stellar himself, I might add):

We give up a couple of goals, and everybody’s attitude sucks afterward. You can see on the ice, our energy starts out great, then they score a couple of goals and instead of getting pissed and battling back, we just come out flatter and kind of feel sorry for ourselves, hang our heads.

“We start taking stupid, lazy penalties and start getting off our game plan and doing whatever we want.”

The latter was a direct shot across Geno’s bough. The rest might have been.

“There has to be better accountability,” which “has to come from the guys in the room, putting pressure on each other.”

“It doesn’t matter if we get two shots or 50 shots, because we’re only scoring one goal a game. You can get 50 shots from the outside, and it doesn’t matter. One goal is not going to get you much.”

Yeah, how about generating some real scoring chances for once?