My Prediction

We have to start today’s grades with this..

Pens 5, Jets 2. Record in predicting winner: 22-10.

Even Strength Offense: A++

Where did THAT come from? After struggling to score since the all star break, all of a sudden the goals came in bunches yesterday. I suppose it helps that the Jets were not at all interested in locating their own end. But still, you have to take advantage of it, and the Pens sure did that. It wasn’t the usual forecheck them into dust effort, as most of the goals came on transition (or right off a draw). Take what they give you, I guess. It was just an up-and-down game with no real chance to establish a forecheck.

Even Strength Defense: F

Yikes. They were totally leaky in their own end. The coverage was horrible. On way too many occasions they were headed north and the puck went south.

Power Play: A

Kunitz scored one PP goal on a rush, then Letang batted home the clincher at the end. The PP was pretty dominant all game along.

Penalty Kill: IA

Only one kill.

Goaltending: F

A horrible game for Flower. He was as out of sorts as his defense. he never seemed to know where the puck was or where it was going. He was a victim of a couple bad bounces, too.This was just one of those games where you don’t want to be a goalie. Just ask Pavelec.

Overall: A-

I’m sure Bylsma would disagree, and overall, strategically, it wasn’t too good. But it was an entertaining game that harked back to the 80s. Neither team seemed the least bit interested in playing defense, which does make for a fun afternoon. Well, not for the goalies.

And now, the rest of the story…

Geno: A+

Another dominant performance.

James Neal: A

What a laser beam for a goal.

Kris Letang: A

By far his best effort since the all star game.

Dustin Jeffrey: A

Just for finally getting on the scoreboard.

Jordan Staal: A

He wasn’t real sharp, but did notch a goal and it’s just nice to have him back.

NHL Network/CBC: F

The sound was out early in the game, then at the start of the third, they joined play after it had already started. NHLN is great at that. Since we had to watch that train wreck, if anyone heard any good loathsome homerisms, please nominate them.


When the Minus Machines left Andrew Ladd all alone in front, Fleury made an incredible save early on to keep things under control.

Monk Moment

How can it be anything other than Geno’s Mario-esque goal? Incredible!

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