My Prediction

Pens 3, Ducks 2.
Actual: Ducks 2, Pens 1.
Record in predicting winner: 22-12.

Even Strength Offense: F

They came out flying the first 10 minutes, totally dominating a tired Anaheim team. Staal notched their only goal with a nice move off transition. But it was all downhill from there. The Ducks found their legs and were excellent at moving the puck out of the zone. The Pens had a good shift here and there, like the one right before the Ducks scored the winner. Those were few and far between though. It was the rare game where the opponent actually had a stronger forecheck than the Pens. But the Perry-Getzlaf line just dominated them, and the Ducks made the Geno line play defense all night. The pens were far too careless with the puck, and in the end, it killed them.

Even Strength Defense: C

Somehow the Minus Machines ended up out together at the end of the second period. Shockingly, the puck ended up in the net and Michalek made a comical attempt to block a Perry shot or pass. Shero needs to decide the signing of these two guys was a colossal misjudgement and go about correcting it. On the second goal, both d-men got caught deep at the end of a shift and Selanne made them pay.

Power Play: F

Yet again, the opponent had the two best scoring chances during the Penguin power play. The Ducks seemed to take over the game after that pathetic PP effort, and tied it shortly thereafter.

Penalty Kill: A

They did a fantastic job of bottling up what should be a very dangerous power play, allowing only 4 shots in 6 minutes of shorthanded time.

Goaltending: C

Fleury looked a bit shaky all night, as his rebound control was questionable. He wasn’t particularly sharp on the Perry goal either, as it was from a bad angle. He needed to make that save, but he was hung out to dry by Minus Machine 4 allowing Perry to get around him..

Overall: F

The effort was not there after the first 10 minutes. It was as if they thought it would be easy playing a tired team. They scored the first goal, and that just reinforced that opinion. After that, they quit trying to outwork Anaheim and decided to play a skill game. Wrong idea. They have way too many skilled forwards to try to play that way with them. And they got burned twice by that skill while never scoring again. Anaheim held the Geno line off the board, and if you do that, you’ll probably beat the Pens.

And now, the rest of the story…

Geno: A

He played about as well as he had been, but was dragged down by the lousy play of Kunitz and Neal.

James Neal: F

Did he play?

Chris Kunitz: F


Kris Letang: F

Invisible offensively and got burned on the winning goal.

Teemu Selanne: A

I was hoping the Pens would win to at least try to make Bob Murray think about being a seller. But we can only dream about Selanne on Sid’s wing.

Minus machine 4: F

Down to -12.

Minus Machine 7: F

Down to -7. he ended one great forechecking shift when the puck came to him and he threw it to nobody.

The Non Minus Machines

Just as a point of reference, Penguin defensemen with numbers other than 4 or 7 are a combined +36.


letang bailed Fleury out with a beautiful move to fish a puck off the goal line.

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