“If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all.”

Well, no, you can actually thank the clowns at NBC Sports for feeding me the Detroit/San Jose game. I tried watching the Pens for a bit online, but the quality wasn’t good enough. Anyway, no grade, but a few comments…

This is the third straight weekend where the Pens won on Saturday, then came out totally flat on Sunday. They were able to rally to beat a bad Lightning team, but the other two Sunday games (New Jersey and Buffalo) were just brutal. It doesn’t help that Johnson played two of the three.

Speaking of which, if they have even one iota of confidence in Johnson, they’re severely misguided. He has been simply brutal this year. he gave them no chance to win yesterday. If there’s a backup goalie available for cheap, Shero needs to jump on it.

The Minus Machine was visible in all his glory yesterday, posting a lovely -4. I guess they gave him 24 minutes of ice time because they knew the game was lost.

Kris Letang equaled that dubious mark in only 18 minutes.

The Pens as a whole were -25.

The Pens attempted only 43 shots. That has to be their lowest total of the year. They’re always up over 60.