My Prediction

Pens 4, Flyers 3.
Actual: Flyers 3, Pens 2.
Record in predicting winner: 27-19.

Even Strength Offense: C

They played penguin hockey for 40 minutes, peppering Sievegalov with shot after shot. Unfortunately, he closed his eyes and stopped most of them. Only an Adams deflection and a great Geno move beat him. The pens were rolling, though, keeping the puck in and generating lots of quality chances. But them came the final 25 minutes. Suddenly, the pens morphed into the dumbest team in hockey. They just aimlessly carried and dumped the puck. They handed it right to the Flyers on numerous occasions. It was a total debacle.

Even Strength Defense: C

The poor offensive effort in the third caused several defensive breakdowns. They left the Pixie all alone at the top of the slot, and he found Fartsmell wide open for a goal. They forced Fleury to make numerous huge saves just to get them a point. But then in OT, Sid failed to take Fartsmell and boom, game over.

Power Play: F

They had two power plays in the first period before the pro-Flyer bias of the officials kicked in. And they did squat with them. In fact, they gave Philly momentum. The power play is basically a train wreck right now. They need to get Sullivan back out there to quarterback it, even if that means Sid or Neal sit.

Penalty Kill: F

They had a huge kill to start the third and they failed. If they kill that one, they probably go on to win the game. But they left Timonen all alone at the center point and they let Simmonds park his fat ass right in front of Fleury, and the puck is in the net.

Goaltending: B

Fleury had no chance on the first one, little chance on the second. But you’d like to see him make the save on the winner. It wasn’t his fault, but it’s a save he’s capable of making.

Overall: D

This one stings. Really stings. They were that close to sweeping the trip through the Atlantic. For two periods, they played as well as they had in New Jersey. The shots were 27-10, and the chances were every bit as lopsided. Then Michalek took that idiotic penalty, and everything changed. The Flyers saw they could goad the Pens into penalties (I’m looking at you, Geno). They could get the Pens off their game by being the annoying little pissants they are. They saw they could basically commit penalties on every play with no fear of being called. And the Pens played right into their hands. They quit doing what had gotten them the lead. They just wanted to get out of Philly. They hit the off switch and powered down the engines. And they lost.

And now, the rest of the story…

Sid: D

Awful game for him. He simply cannot put the puck in the net anymore. That’s 10 games without a goal for him. And then every time he passes it goes into the Kennedy black hole. And he’s still looking for Fartsmell sneaking in behind him off the bench.

Geno: C

Great goal in the second period. But then he became the leader in stupid hockey in the third. The Flyers saw they can rattle him, and he validated it by taking two dumb penalties and becoming a giveaway machine.

James Neal: F

Was he a healthy scratch?

Kris Letang: A

He was everywhere.

Tyler Kennedy: F

I saw a tweet from someone yesterday saying he was going to chain himself to a door at Consol until this clown is taken off Sid’s line. I say we all do this. This guy is a total worthless POC. How he suckered Shero into a contract is just beyond me. You will not find a dumber player in the NHL. All he can do is shoot weak shots from everywhere. And he can’t even do it quickly. He has to think slowly about everything he does. He is just a horrendous match for Sid.

Craig F’in Adams: A

A goal and an assist in a playoff style game. What else is new?

Minus Machine Update

Player This Game Season
MM4 -1 -4
MM7 +1 0
Non Minus Machines 0 +56

Michalek deserves a -10 for the idiotic penalty that essentially cost them the game. But, hey, Martin is out of the hole.

Striped Buffoonery

This is what happens when you let two clowns like Jackson and Lecrapyer ref important games. They “let the players decide it,” which means they just let everything go, meaning it was Flyer hockey to the max. Once the Pens got ahead, they seemed intent on making sure the game stayed close. Then, in every scrum, the Flyers would take about 10 shots for every one by the Pens, yet the calls were always even. Jokes.

Icehole of the Game

First, there’s little baby Jaromir. Somebody hit his poor little thumb that he sucks all the time. He must have spent the entire third period looking at it and figuring out if he could suck the other one.

Then we have the Pixie. What a cheap thing to do, waving his stick in Michalek’s face from the bench. I guess it worked since the buffoons awarded them a power play.

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