My Prediction

Pens 5, Jets 2.
Actual: Pens 8, Jets 4.
Record in predicting winner: 28-19.

Even Strength Offense: A

Hmmm, let’s see. Seven even strength goals, coming every which way? I think that deserves and A, don’t you? The pens just kept coming at the Jets until this one was out of hand. The passing was precise. The shots were unreal. And they mucked it up in front to get a couple that way, too.How many times do you have three guys looking for hat tricks? Sure, the jets helped them along with some very leaky defense and goaltending, but the Pens just kept making them pay when they made mistakes. No sequence better illustrated the Pens’ offensive dominance than when there was a delayed penalty coming on Winnipeg. The Pens controlled the puck for an eternity, just making one precision pass after another to finally set up Geno for a goal. That was just sick skill there.

Even Strength Defense: F

They allowed way, WAY too many chances to the Jets, who are not exactly an offensive juggernaut. You would have thought with Thiessen in net, they’d have wanted to protect him a little more. But they hung him out to dry.

Power Play: A

Okay, the first power play was absolutely ugly. They didn’t have a single shot on goal. But the second one? Total domination. They kept the puck in the zone pretty much the entire time. By my count, they attempted 12 shots, getting 8 of them on net. And they finally scored when Neal slammed one home after slick passes by Geno and Sid.. That one was sure fun to watch.

Penalty Kill: D

For the second game in a row, they gave up a power play goal. Adams got sucked down too low, leaving Little all alone. They did rally to kill the second half of the double minor.

Goaltending: B

Thiessen did what he needed to to win the game, even making a few great saves along the way. None of the goals could really be blamed on him, which is all you really ask of your backup.

Overall: B+

It sure was an entertaining game to watch. It was a throwback to the 80s. I’m sure neither coach will be using this as an instructional video though. There was little defensive resistance by either team, but at least the Pens had the firepower to take advantage. They were firing from everywhere. They were going after rebounds. They took advantage of poor defense and even worse goaltending by Pavelec.

And now, the rest of the story…

Sid: A

He was fully engaged and was just making one incredible pass after another. he even made Kennedy look good.

Geno: A

He started out poorly. But he seemed to get engaged after the double minor. He was unstoppable after that.

James Neal: A

So much for the second-half woes. He had an unreal 10 shots on goal.

Kris Letang: C

He play 25 minutes and I never noticed him.

Tyler Kennedy: A

Two quick snipes. Now you got it, Tyler. Don’t think. Just shoot.

Matt Cooke: A

Two more points last night. I think he likes his new center.

The Genos: A

Please stay in town forever.

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