Even Strength Offense: F

Granted, there wasn’t a lot of even strength time due to the Pens’ laziness, indifference, and stupidity. But when you put up only 12 even-strength shots on a goalie like Uncle Fatty, your chances are less than good. And few, if any, of those chances were high quality. They got the early lead and seemed inclined to not try and build on it. Is was just a disastrous performance.

Even Strength Defense: C

They didn’t give the Devils too many chances at even strength, but they get downgraded here because many of the lazy worthless stupid penalties came in the defensive zone.

Power Play: D

Give the second unit an A, since they actually scored the early goal by putting the puck on the net. Until the end, the first unit basically looked awful

Penalty Kill: A

Until they wore down, the PK was excellent. The Devils had only 12 shots in 16 minutes of power play time. But wear down they did, thanks to the stream of ridiculous idiotic penalties.

Goaltending: A

Cross-ice pass to a wide open guy. Shot off the post to a wide open guy. Screen shot he never saw. Not much Fleury could do. He kept them in the game with a few big saves throughout.

Overall: F

What a despicable “effort.” They got the early lead then basically waltzed through the final 58 minutes. The discipline was putrid, with 10 shorthanded situations. The even strength offense was non-existent. I’m not sure why they even wasted the jet fuel to make this trip. yes, there will always be games like this, but the lack of discipline reminded me of the Philly series last Spring. Jack Adams simply has no control over this team because of the lack of accountability.

And now, the rest of the story…

Sid: C

He was nearly invisible the first two periods, but came on somewhat in the third, at least until the parade to the box restarted.

Geno: F

I tweeted this out yesterday, but for those who didn’t see it, here are some pretty amazing statistics on a guy who is basically nothing but a power play specialist. He is awful at even strength, as is…

James Neal: F

Did he play? Oh yeah, he did take a slashing penalty so he must have. Then again, both are saddled with…

Z-Boy: F

What a worthless hockey player. Reminds me of Chris Conner. he flies all over the ice with nary a clue where he’s going or what he’ll do when he gets there. Well, except Conner actually scored every now and then. The Pens got what they paid for, and hopefully we’ve seen the last of this stiff.

Jack Adams: F

Accountability. Why doesn’t he believe in it? The lack thereof directly led to yesterday’s debacle. Can you please tell me why 71 commits two absolutely brain-dead penalties, but doesn’t miss a shift? Is it because Jack is afraid to hurt poor little Geno’s feelings? It sure seems like it. The team was in full meltdown mold and there was Jack with this bewildered look on his face. Gee, this hasn’t happened before or anything, has it? Where the hell is Scotty Bowman when you need him? What he has said for decades remains even more true today. The only way to get messages through to guys is take away their ice time. And this coach refuses to take that approach. And that leads to last year’s playoff atrocity and yesterdays hilarity.

Striped Buffoonery

Way to ruin a perfectly good hockey game, boys! Stuff that’s let go in every other game was called yesterday. And yet when Sid has a partial breakaway and the guy takes a baseball swing at his hands, you somehow can’t see it. Could someone please send them a memo telling them they’re reffing hockey, not tiddlywinks? For the record, it was Chris Lee and Gord Dwyer who performed the butchery.

BTW, this was the second straight Devil home game where the refs basically handed them a win. I totally agree with Guy Boucher.

Free Candy

He nailed Zajac along the boards. he also gave the buffoons a piece of his mind, earning two minutes.


Henrique missed a wide open net early on. Sadly, he didn’t miss the second one.

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