Today’s regularly scheduled grades will not be published. You see, yesterday, we decided that since the game started in the morning here and it was St. Patrick’s Day, we would play one of Puck daddy’s famous (or infamous) drinking games. We called this one the NBC Announce Crew Drinking game.

In this game, you must take a drink every time an announcer says something that is part of the predetermined list. I had bloody Mary’s, my wife had (healthy?) VFusion and vodka. Here’s the list of “drinkable” things:

Doc Emrick

Any mention of the Pirates
Anytime he descended into esoterica such as a player’s junior team or a historical footnote or a list of birthdays.


Any mention of “Pascual” Dupuis
Anytime he said “go to the net and good things will happen.”


Any mention of Brooks “Orpeck.”
(And the real killer) Anytime he made a statement and asked his partners to validate it, as in, “right, Edzo?”

And thanks to the above, my memories of everything after the first period are rather hazy.

**The writer and this website in no way endorse the consumption of alcoholic beverages during hockey games by adults and/or minors.