Even Strength Offense: D

Another inept offensive performance. I must say they are starting to miss Geno now, at least offensively. The second line is just impotent without him as Dustin Jeffrey continues to show why he never would have been a good choice for that line. The top line got very few chances last night, but they buried one for the game’s only goal. Great pass from Kunitz to Sid, and they caught the Habs with a rookie trying to defend the best player in the world. Oops. Great job by Bylsma getting Sid on against Tinordi. That was one of the few even strength scoring chances they had all night.

Even Strength Defense: B

Despite the shutout, they did allow too many good scoring chances.

Power Play: F

I think Montreal figured out how to stop the power play. Just leave Letang wide open and let him shoot. He’ll miss the net and the puck will leave the zone.

Penalty Kill: A

Another perfect night on the kill.

Goaltending: A

Both Fleury and Vokoun were tremendous. Once again, Fleury kept them in it in the first period when they were sleepwalking. He looked a bit shaky early on when he failed to cover a puck then ended up stopping a puck while facing backwards, but he did get his bearing shortly thereafter. When he was forced to leave the game by the dirty Gionta play, Vokoun stepped in and completed the shutout with some stellar play of his own.

Overall: B-

The Pens continued their recent trend of being unable to put 60 minutes of good hockey together. They once again came out slow and to my recollection, didn’t register a single scoring chance in the first period. They played better after that, but never created any sustained offense all night long. It was as if they decided to honor Brenden Morrow by skating at his speed. There was just no spark at all last night.

And now, the rest of the story…

Sid: C

He scored the game’s only goal on a wicked wrister, but was otherwise rather unnoticeable.

Kris Letang: A

Just because he is back.

James Neal: F

Pretty much invisible again.

Brenden Morrow: C

Didn’t see anything to like or dislike.

Simon Despres: A

Okay, so they CAN win without him. But it’s a joke that they are willing to not play their best players just because they don’t want to risk losing the hockey god Deryk Engelland on waivers. Personally, I would pay someone to take him off their hands.


The save where Fleury went post-to post and got his leg on the puck was simply sublime.

Striped Buffoonery



He splattered Markov into the boards.


Brian Gionta. Always has been, always will be. That dirtly little play where he tripped Kennedy into Fleury tells you all you need to know about this punk. He does that crap all the time, along with just plain running goalies. I say you want to play that way, fine. But that makes Carey Price fair game, and I’m going after him. I would have run him every time I got the chance. Let HIM go to Gionta and tell him to knock off the crap.

Icehole 2

Punk Kid Subban. He is nothing but a diving piece of crap. He’s out there running guys all night long, but if you even look at him the wrong way, he goes down like he’s been shot. He should be on Splash, not in the NHL.

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