Even Strength Offense: A

This might have been their most effective offensive game of the playoffs. The forecheck and cycle were tremendous, even though they didn’t score off them. They locked the Sens in their own end for long stretches and thus kept the puck away from them. Two of the three goals were on transitions led by Sid. On the first, he just undressed poor whining Erik Karlsson so bad you could actually see his sliced achilles. Then he faked Craig (why do people think I’m a good goalie?) Anderson into thinking he would pass and then shot it past him. The final goal was at the end of a power play and Martin just blasted one that Morrow deftly tipped. Even in the third while protecting the lead, they still kept the Sens hemmed in a good bit of the time. This was a classic example of PPIH.

Even Strength Defense: A

The good offense led to good defense as they allowed only 48 shot attempts, at least 4 of which were on special teams. Ottawa really didn’t have TOO many good chances, though they did manage a couple of breakaways.

Power Play: C

It really was a mixed bag. Early on, the old momentum-sucking power play reared its ugly head. The Pens were dominating and took the early lead. But the first two power plays flailed and turned momentum to Ottawa. Sure enough, the Sens scored shortly after the second one. But then Sid took matters into his own hands and slapped one past “I REALLY AM a good Goalie” Anderson to send him to the showers. And the last even strength goal came when the second PP unit kept the Sens in their own end, so that almost counts as a PP goal.

Penalty Kill: D

They gave one up after the obligatory dumb Malkin penalty. They never really got set up before Turris swatted one past a shaky Vokoun. They did effectively kill off an Orpik penalty in the third while clinging to a one-goal lead.

Goaltending: C

Vokoun’s time might be coming to an end. He allowed two putrid goals early. Turris’s was from along the goal line and Greening’s was stoppable. Even the third goal was questionable because he got caught so far out of the crease. But he rallied and made two huge saves on breakaways in the second period. And to his credit, he didn’t let the early goal rattle him like “somebody” probably would have.

Overall: A-

Only the goaltending drags this score down a bit. Otherwise, the Pens played a near-perfect hockey game. They generated plenty of quality chances, forechecked the heck out of Ottawa, and played a pretty solid defensive game. If they keep playing like they did last night, this will not be a long series.

And now, the rest of the story…

Sid: A

That 87 guy, he’s pretty good.

Geno: B

He contributed to the great start with some spectacular play of his own.

Jarome Iginla: F

Just for failing to bury that chance in front. That puck simply HAS to go in. Instead, he kind of babied it, allowing Lehner to make a save.

Kris Letang: A

A very under-control game by him.

Deryk Stinkelland: F

This time, less than nine minutes of ice time, yet he managed to be on for both ES goals against. Thus, he’s been on for every ES goal against in the series. He got blown by by that well-known speedster Colin Greening on the one goal last night. Frankly, the guy is just embarrassing himself out there. And when you pair him with…

Douglas Murray: D

It is big trouble. Murray needs to be paired with someone mobile.

Brooks Orpik: A

He stinks no more.

Erik Alfredsson/Daniel Karlsson: F

It’s really hard to tell these two diving whining choking dogs apart. Karlsson had the potential to be a likeable guy until Alfredsson took him under his wings. Now he whines and dives just like his idol. You can’t look at him without him flopping to the ice. But Sid sure made him look great on that first goal, eh?

Striped Buffoonery

The Senators played a Flyer-like game last night. In other words, take a penalty on every shift because they can’t call them all. A few of the more egregious one they got away with:

Iginla got boarded and had the stick slashed out of his hands on the same shift with no call on either.

Geno was blatantly tripped on a scoring chance. No call.

Free Candy

Maybe Brooks didn’t like Milan Michalek’s brother or something?

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