1-0 Black. First goal was scored by Paul Thompson (4 for 4 in shootout attempts in camp) but was missed by the cameraman.

First on the video is Beau Bennett – loses control of the puck for one of the first times I’ve seen. #9

Next up was Kenneth Agostino, almost slips it 5 hole. #5

1-1 Tie Score. Next was Tom Kuehnhackl with my favorite shootout goal in the video. Such a hard quick release on that shot against Thiessen. #8

Ben Hanowski was next. Tried a fake forehand backhand move but Killeen read it easily. #26

Despres then tries to go 5 hole. #18

2-1 Black. Keven Veilleux then goes ahead for Black with a dirty move on Killeen. #28

Casey Pierro-Zabotel misses the net wide. #12

Tangradi misses high. #25

2-2 Tie Score. Joey Haddad ties it up with a heavy wrist shot 5 hole on Thiessen. #14

Smigelski comes with speed but Killeen just gets a piece of it. #22

Dustin Jeffrey comes down and hits the near side post for Gray but it stays out. #15

Zach Sill comes down with a heavy wrister and gets a loud post shot at the other end. #34

3-2 Gray Wins. Robert Bortuzzo of all people comes down and rips a shot 5 hole on Thiessen to take home the win for Gray. #17